Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Day Job Killer - Or Affiliate Marketing Nightmare?

Since last month, more than 10,030 marketers responded and a good thing too, because I just got a note from Chris, the author of Day Job Killer.

Chris told me,
"Seriously. I am going to put the price up at some point over the next few days. It will very probably NOT be tomorrow, but in any event the price of Day Job Killer IS going up (to $147)."

Chris is a man of his word so if he says the price is going up any time now, he means it. He also told me about a some motivated individuals who took his Day Job Killer and put it to work for immediate profit.

Chris Said,
"I have already received several testimonials from pro-active buyers. One generated her first EVER sale off Adwords today - and then another 3 more."

As you know this is exactly what I like, quality products that can be put to work immediatly and deliver real results for those who are motivated! But the downside is? Do you think Day Job Killer works for everyone?

Anyway I'm giving away FREE six Chapters to Day Job Killer to my subscribers to have a sneak peak of the real effectiveness of this Adwords guide.

You can grab it here at Day Job Killer Scam Review

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Day Job Killer

Hi! And welcome to my affiliate marketing blog. I really hope to create value on affiliate marketing online for you, my readers, to enrich your experience to the next level.

I'll be posting articles,tips and Free Reports on Day Job Killer first to start out with my blog.
So be sure to check back and leave comments on the Day Job Killer Hype.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Abby Issey
Day Job Killer Reviewer